Under the conditions of quarantine, many prefer to continue striving for financial independence and success from the comfort of their homes and work remotely.

If you are one of these guys, then we would like to share with you these top # tips on where to organize a comfy workplace in your apartment — and how to do it right.

1.Best places to set up your home office

1.1. Separate room

This is the best option that will help you arrange a room for maximum comfort:

  • install the required number of racks;
  • choose a table of the suitable shape and size;
  • decorate an additional seating area with a small sofa or armchair.

1.2. Living room

If you own a smart apartment, you can use one of the living rooms to create a cozy workplace. And the living room is one of the best options.

To make your working area organically fit into the total living area, you need to think over the design of the desktop, shelves, and racks that you will need.

You can separate and differentiate spaces using partitions or large floor racks, which you can also use for storing necessary things.

1.3. Bedroom

If your relatives already took over the living room, then you will find a more secluded place in the bedroom. Keep in mind that it is quite important to separate the sleeping area and the workplace.

To do this, just hang a curtain between the bed and the workplace, use a screen or install a partition.

1.4. Kitchen

Keep in mind that you should keep the distance between your workplace and the sink or the stove.

Therefore, you can zone the kitchen space using floor shelves or use a double-sided table that will combine a working section with a kitchen table

1.5. Balcony

Instead of using a balcony to store your stuff, turn it into a comfortable workspace: there is plenty of light and fresh air!

But before that, it is necessary to insulate and glaze it so that you can use it all year round.

1.6. Pantry

It is easier to organize a workspace in a pantry than on a balcony because you don’t need to insulate it. On the other hand, this small room requires more creativity to place everything you need for work.

You can set up a small table here, and use the rest of the space to install shelves and additional storage organizers. For finishing in the pantry, choose light colors and think over the lighting system (install several lamps), since there is no (or little) natural light here.

2.Where to place a home office desk when there is not enough free space?

  • Wall niche: usually, we use wall niches to place decor elements, but you can use this space more wisely: place a small desk in the niche and install several shelves upon or around it.
  • Closet: placing a table in a closet is a great option for those who don’t have a pantry. By doing so, you will save space in your apartment and will be able to easily hide your working area when it’s necessary.
  • A tiny folding table perfectly replaces a massive work table. Typically, these tables are installed against the walls and significantly save room space.
  • Windowsill: typically, this area does not have a certain functional use. It’s time to fix it! Here, your workplace becomes an extension of the windowsill without taking up the living space. Decorate it with flowers and enjoy the beautiful view from your window!

An office desk for two: one workplace for two is another effective way to save useful space in an apartment. It’s a good idea to install a long table, divided by a rack, along the wall. This way you’ll get a table and a storage space.