One of the main features of a good interior is a high level of comfort. If some rooms in your apartment seem too small, it might be a good idea to start looking for a practical solution.

Now we will share with you these top 8 life hacks that will help you use the space wisely!

1.Use non-obvious storage spaces:

• corners (for corner shelves);

• walls (for organizers);

• niches;

• space under the bed (for boxes on castors or straw baskets);

• reverse sides of cabinet doors (for hooks or perforated panels);

• space under the ceiling (for example, in the bathroom you can arrange a place for towels and household chemicals, and the space above the door is a perfect place to store photo albums and books).

2.Organizing small items

Accessories (straps, scarves, jewelry) require a special storage system. All small items are best kept in closed boxes or drawers: this prevents your interior from looking cluttered.

3.Shelves instead of cabinets

Shelves are a flexible storage system, thanks to which you can efficiently use every centimeter of space.

Shelves on the walls and in the corners are a perfect place for storing clothes, accessories, or shoes. Another benefit of using shelves is that you can install them in locations that are not suitable for ordinary pieces of furniture.

4.Multi-functional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a wonderful invention.

For example, you can use the bed, combined with a writing table at the headboard and a canap at the foot. Placing your bed in the middle of the room allows you to free up the corners, which is a great success given the lack of living space!


• drawers for household items, created in the staircase always look quite original;

• a narrow but tall cabinet with several drawers for storing a hairdryer, curling iron, hair care products can replace a bulky cabinet in the bathroom;

• instead of buying the usual bookcase, use a cabinet with pull-out shelves, which will allow you to store even more books;

• a narrow drawer will be an excellent place for storing cleaning supplies in a small kitchen;

• place a convenient drawer under the windowsill;

• you can organize another “cache” under the opening seat of the chair;

• place a few small books and magazines in a drawer under the coffee tabletop;

• turn the decorative screen under the bathtub into a functional storage space;

• equip the place behind the bathroom mirror with spacious pull-out shelves;

• turn the head of the bed into a spacious storage box for bedding;

• create a convenient corner storage box for shampoos and shower gels right on the countertop.


• if your room is small, use a floor-type hanger instead of a closet, and install wall shelves above it. Turn the hanger with wheels into a mobile mini-wardrobe, which you can easily hide behind a screen or in a wall niche;

• a few hooks on the wall or door will help you store a lot of clothing or accessories.

• attach the hanging bar to the wall or ceiling. This is a very inexpensive way to organize additional storage space, and you can easily install such hanging bars yourself, even having just a little experience in carpentry. Decorate your hanging bar with a varnished tree branch or a loft-style pipe to turn it into a fascinating decorative element.

7.Furniture Seats

Small bedside tables can be used as cozy seating places: just cover them with beautiful blankets or put small pillows on the top of them.


Today, it is a relevant option for storing large suitcases, massive sports equipment, seasonal clothing items.


The podium serves as an additional storage place and helps to visually separate the space. Such a “cache” is a perfect place for storing seasonal items and equipment like skis and snowboards.