Do you still think there is no place to organize additional storage in your small apartment? But what would you say if we tell you that your small apartment has more storage space than you have ever suspected?

Check out these top 10 small apartment storage ideas to make your life more comfortable!

  1. Headboard boxes
    Several wall-mounted racks, drawers, or shelves, matched to the color of the bed and located at the head of the bed, will help you organize stylish storage of bed linen, books, magazines, and other little things.
  2. Window opening
    You can use the space around the window in different ways. It’s a good idea to use it to create additional space for storing something.

    By installing several shelves for dishes in the window opening, you will get this space and won’t block out the sunlight.
  3. Walls
    Before starting your home renovation, be sure to think about where you will store your bike, skis, or sleds. It is very difficult to hide such large objects. Avoid just leaving them on a balcony: don’t turn this valuable space into a closet.

    Store your sports equipment in a very original way as a decorative element. You’ll need to build a stable mount into the wall, or just use a special stand. Now, your bicycle or snowboard is not a problem anymore!

    Of course, such a stylish accessory should fit into the overall concept of the interior.
  4. Pantry in the kitchen
    There is an opinion that only the owners of large apartments can afford dressing rooms and storage rooms. Although, this is the best solution for small apartments, that helps to eliminate visual clutter in your kitchen and store things in one place.

    Small storage space will allow you to arrange the kitchen concisely and store all the supplies, instead of getting rid of necessary equipment and utensils.
  5. The space around the doorway
    Take a good look at the space around the doorways of your apartment. Is it still empty and unused? It’s time to fix it!

    For example, you can neatly arrange your home library or CD collection of music and movies in one place. As for the doorway in the kitchen, you can use the shallow open shelving around the door as a great place to store crockery or supply containers.
  6. Space above the toilet
    This is another good place for storing some necessary things that often stays empty even in small apartments.

    Why not place some shelves or even a shallow wall cabinet there? You can store household chemicals, toilet paper, bath accessories, and many other little things there.
  7. Vertical hangers
    Ceiling hangers allow you to dry your clothes, freeing up the horizontal floor space.

    Your clothes will always be at hand, and since the warm air rises, the clothes will dry well and quickly if you get caught in the rain.
  8. A wardrobe that is actually the room decor element
    When you need to have a closet, but there is very little space in the bedroom, use the space on the wall that is opposite to your bed.

    Just a few centimeters can help you to create an additional space to store little necessities that are always at hand.  
  9. Regular and small doors
    Little space won’t become a big problem if you will use the surfaces of your apartment and cabinet doors wisely.

    They can be equipped with various hooks for towels, organizers for household items, hangers for accessories and clothes. You won’t believe how much space you can create using this small tip!
  10. Space under the windowsills
    Using this space is quite an unexpected, but no less useful solution for storing things. You can use it to organize small shelves for storing things; more than that, you can equip a windowsill with soft pillows to create a cozy lounge area!