Let us guess: you live in a big city, but your apartment is too small for all your stuff? Or, maybe, you’ve decided to start your own business and you have nowhere to store goods?

Then, there is a modern solution. Self-storage warehouses will allow you to easily solve all your storage issues without sacrificing the space of our apartment and cluttering up the balcony or pantry.

Let’s find out in detail what self-storage is and why you should give it a try!

1.What is self-storage?

Self storage is a market segment that offers renting out premises for storing household items or goods and materials in individual closets. Safes, containers, wardrobes are provided for rent to individuals and legal entities with a monthly or annual payment.

Unlike full-service storage services where you have limited access to your belongings and strongly rely on your storage provider to manage your stuff, self-storage gives you 100% control over your things. But this is not the only advantage of the service (we will discuss the key benefits below).

2. 7 Reasons why you should use self-storage:

1. You decided to renovate your apartment, but you need to get rid of furniture and personal belongings to do everything quickly and conveniently. It’s a good idea to leave your stuff in a self-storage container until the work is done.

2. You are moving into a new home, but it will take some time before you will buy a new one. You can leave furniture and appliances in self-storage containers. More than that, the company’s movers will help you pack everything and transport it to the warehouse.

3. If you rent an apartment, your unused stuff can take up a lot of space, so you’ll need to pay for larger premises, as well as spend money on moving things from one place to another. In this case, self-care will help you save a lot of money and to be safe about your belongings.

4. You want to rent out your apartment unfurnished. This happens when you don’t want to leave the expensive equipment and furniture, or the tenants have their own furniture and appliances. In such cases, self-storage is the best solution.

5. You do not want to clutter the space of your house with non-seasonal things, sports equipment, or car tires. Then, it’s a good idea to rent a small self-storage box! The fact that you can add some stuff to the container or pick up the things you need at any time is a big bonus!

6. Your organization has too much documentation that needs to be stored, but there’s a lack of space in your office. Renting a self-storage box is the best way to solve the problem.

7. You have decided to start an online store, but you have no place to store all the goods. Rent a box of a suitable size and don’t worry about anything!

3. The 5 benefits of self-storage:

  1. Control: it’s only you who knows the alarm PIN and has access to the container. You get free 24/7 access to your stuff — and you don’t need to warn anyone.
  2. Ease of use: self-storage provides a convenient check-in, equipped loading and unloading area, freight elevator, and trolleys for transporting things. In some cases, companies offer the “mobile module” service (you can order the transportation of a storage unit to a place that is convenient to you).
  3. Saving money: you can choose the size of the container that is best suited for storing your belongings.
  4. Safety guarantee: self-storage offers reliable round-the-clock security of warehouses. Plus, you can get the insurance that covers the belongings that you leave in the boxes. Also, the storage space is equipped with security cameras and has a fire extinguishing system.
  5. Optimal storage conditions: the containers are always kept at an optimal microclimate, so you don’t have to worry about anything like humidity, mold or rodents.