Have you just started your own business and realized that storing all your goods at home is simply unrealistic? Or have your business grown enough that you need more storage space?

In any case, self-storage is a perfect choice for businesses of various types and scales, as it is a more affordable solution and offers more flexible options than traditional commercial leases. This is an excellent opportunity to store product leftovers, equipment, archival documents, as well as a temporary workspace when moving to a new office space.

Let’s see who can benefit from using a self-storage unit most!

What types of businesses can benefit from using a self-storage unit?

  1. Sellers on eBay and Amazon platforms can easily store any kind of goods (from books to large-sized sports equipment) in self-storage containers. It is a universal solution because all the requirements for high-quality storage are met here, including humidity and temperature control.
  2. The owners of independent online stores can also benefit from using such units: your goods will always be completely safe, located in one place that is perfect for order processing, as they will be always ready to be packed and shipped to your customers.
  3. Etsy Sellers: if the demand for your hand-made products started to skyrocket and you’re switching to mass production, using such a unit is a must! It has enough room to store the professional equipment and materials for production; also, you can order individual racks to get your goods properly organized.
  4. Sellers of vintage clothing or furniture: rent a unit, that is located closer to the fair or another place where you usually sell your products; this will save you lots of time and money, and you will never worry about the safety of your belongings.
  5. Catalog sellers: regardless of whether you are selling Newell dishes, Korean cosmetics, dietary supplements, or detergents, you can always choose the optimal size of a self-storage unit for storing goods without overpaying for that. Many companies offer to receive their customers’ parcels, and they will be able to deliver them to your unit at any time convenient for you.
  6. Charity: if your project is a success and you need a place to store stock, then you should opt for self-storage solutions; you can even make records to keep track of store movement and turnover there.
  7. Fundraising: self-storage allows you to keep essential equipment at hand, give away prizes, and accept donations.
  8. Heating engineers always need to have quick access to spare parts and accessories. Typically, self-storage companies can offer containers located nearby the main transport networks, and you can quickly and conveniently (and most importantly, at any time of the day or night) pick up any product that you need to make urgent repairs.
  9. Car spares retailers can’t do without a big and dry place to store small accessories and larger parts. Self-storage facilities allow you to have units of different sizes based on fluctuations in demand!
  10. Uniform store owners will benefit from using a self-storage unit since it is a perfect solution for organizing and storing goods, preparing new uniforms for the sale, and exchanging used ones. You can always keep your container for a certain period when you need it.
  11. Fashion designers always need enough space for storing equipment, production components, and fabrics, as well as ready-made clothes. You can even use a self-storage container to install your equipment and mannequins to conveniently assemble your masterpieces.
  12. Gift card makerscan easily store everything they need in a dry, clean storage unit!
  13. Event organizers: this industry needs storage space like no other: there are always lots of items (decoration materials, tools, containers for flowers, advertising materials, etc.), and the companies often need to manage transportation, unloading, and loading the inventory. You won’t find a more convenient place for these purposes than a self-storage unit, because you have free access to the container at any time of the day, and the company provides an equipped loading and unloading area, freight elevator, and trolleys for transporting things.
  14. Market stallholders can store their stock in reliable self-storage units that will allow you to conveniently keep records of your sales.
  15. Sports club organizers can find a solution to almost all their storage issues with a self-storage unit located in the downtown area. You can easily get access to our belongings anytime you need.